Installing Oracle Database 11g Release 2 on Oracle Enterprise Linux

About how to Install Oracle Enterprise Linux and configure Hardware settings for Oracle Database Installation please refer to the previous article.

1. Creating Required Operating System Groups and Users

This is the first time Oracle software is being installed on this system and we need to create several operating system groups and users. I prefer to allocate operating system user privileges so that to use one administrative user and one group for operating system authentication for all administrative privileges. I use the oracle user as the installation owner, oinstall group as oracle Inventory owner group and dba group as the primary group for any user requiring administrative privileges for Oracle Database administration.  You can also create custom configuration groups and users based on job role separation. For more information please refer to the Oracle® Database Installation Guide 11g Release 2 (11.2) for Linux-> Creating Required Operating System Groups and Users.

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Installing Oracle Enterprise Linux and configuring hardware requirements for Database Installation.

About how to create Virtual Machine for Oracle Database Installation please refer to the previous article

This article provides step by step guide for performing a default installation and hardware configuration of Oracle Enterprise Linux 5 for Oracle Database Installation. As you would expect, the installation is almost entirely the same as the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 installation.

1. Insert OEL CD or DVD disk to CD ROM or simply chose ISO image location on Virtual Machine CD-ROM settings and start the Virtual Machine by clicking the Start this virtual machine.

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